What On Earth Do I Think I Am Doing?

I sure wanted to care for my friend’s puppy. Well she is 3. They have no where for her to go except a kennel and that would not be good.

I got her last night. I really thought it would be all up to my doggie since she is the biggest. But that is not how it worked. This little sheltie is aggressive to my dog but is okay with me.  I really thought that she would be aggressive to me. This doggie has never been abused that we know of. But she has been spoiled by her owners. Not a bad thing unless a circumstance comes up that you need someone to care for you doggie.

She is in a kennel and she doesn’t make a sound except to snarl at my doggie when she gets close.

I took her outside in the yard and she was pretty happy tail wagging and even went pee.  She comes when I call her so all is well.

All we have to do is relax with my doggie. 🙂


It all worked out well. My Pit bull managed to teach this little girl how to play. She became frisky playful and happy.

She since went home to her family. She settled down and soon her owners decided to take a little trip to the states and asked me again to care for her.

She became settled very quickly and by Day 2 got back into our routine. It was lovely to have her.